FABULOUS DISASTER - Pretty Killers (1999)

This calamity-loving all-girl quintet knocks over pop-laced punk tunes in the tradition of such premier Los Angeles acts such as X the Go-Go's and Social Distortion.
Their musical past is made up of members from other seminal female bands such as Inside Out (Detroit), Angel Corpus Christi and Piston.
18 Hot Tracks of Blistering Pop Punk with soaring female harmonies, they are also good looking and love to travel! 

01 My Static
02 Rich Bitches In Volvos Piss Me Off
03 Frighten You
04 Black & Blue
05 Spoiled
06 Boo!
07 Down The Drain
08 Sneak Attack
09 Time Bomb
10 Flesh & Bones
11 Downer
12 Pretty Pretty
13 Fungus
14 No, No Way

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