FINALLY PUNK - Finally Punk (2006)

Finally Punk visits us from a very pleasant dimension in order to share their voyage of discovery with the other citizens of the universe. Not afraid to take a stance for something that they believe in, “Missle” shows complete and utter defiance against a phallic object that threatens to poke out someone’s eyes. Most of these tracks are ritualistic and repetitive, centralized around a theme which is smashed to bits in an adrenalin frenzy. The human mating tradition is viciously mocked in the song “Pregnant,” as the singer mumbles “You can feel it, it’s my baby” in a subhumanoid tone. Most songs work on this sort of intuitive level, in the folk tradition of grrl gangs from this modern era. Already in cities like Detroit and Chicago there are all-female knife gangs taking over all of the important boroughs. “Short People,” man. They’re going to knife you. They are going to straight up knife you from behind, like the ninja.
They tell us of “Henry,” a strange prophecy of a potentially romantic fellow named Henry. Although deceptively simple, the raga-like mantra effect of the riff and rhythm will resonate in your heart forever when listened to once. Even if you may potentially hate this record, it is your duty as a human to hear this at least once so that your heart has at least the tiniest potential to resonate in the correct frequency necessary for your salvation. Finally Punk makes things oh-so right with their song “Short People,” which is a much, much better song than “Short People” by that guy Randy Newman. “Piranha” excorcizes the demon of worry and fear of death. After the murder of his wife in the opening scenes of “Shogun Assassin,” the Samurai Lone Wolf forces his cub to choose his future. He depicts this as a choice between a toy and a weapon, equating the toy somehow with both femininity and death. The boy chooses the sword. Like the real-life Lady Samurai Tomoe Gozen, Finally Punk chooses playfulness, femininity, and the sword. Even in a world of danger, an intuitive an open mind has intrinsic value.
It is a strange trance that this record creates. At around seventeen minutes, it is both easy and rewarding to revisit with repeated listens. Like one non-stop pulsing beat of life, one can draw a map with this release of this group and their voyages, and the squeaking penguin that came along with them. (Heathen Harvest)

01 Henry
02 Manatee
03 Redneck Gout Club
04 Penguin
05 Missle
06 Jazz Hit
07 Piranha
08 5 Year Old Angst
09 JD V. GR
10 Perks
11 Pregnant
12 Peyote
13 Eins Zwei
14 Fuzz Bucket
15 Short People
16 Bald Cake 

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