TILT - Been Where? Did What? (2001)

Been Where? Did What? is a collection of early demos, outtakes, and rarities from Tilt. Compared to most of the Fat Wreck Chords acts, the tough yet mature female vocals contrast sharply. The things that are not different are the lots of pop hooks and melodic punk anthems. Some of the stuff on here is really nifty, including the cover of "Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego" and "Theme From the Dukes of Hazzard" but, after a time, the female vocals aren't so sweet and instead become increasingly annoying. Much of the material starts to run together, lacking the variety and creativity needed to keep the listener attentive. It seems that, with over 20 tracks of material, one would have to be a die-hard Tilt fan to truly appreciate all of this. Kurt Morris (All Music Guide)

01 White Homes
02 Addiction
03 Nuthin' From You
04 Crying Jag
05 Dead Bum
06 Come Across
07 Unlucky Lounge
08 Loyalty
09 Worse To Bad
10 Can't Listen
11 Berkeley Pier
12 Fuck Up
13 Vendorhead
14 Pfeifernuzen Revisited
15 Not Going Anywhere
16 Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego
17 Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard
18 Helpful Hint
19 It's Who You Know
20 Old Crow
21 Kowtow
22 Torch

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