BOBBYTEENS - Young And Dumb! (2001)

A collection of tracks from demos and 7"ers by this mostly-female glam-punk-powerpop band. Great hooks, cool girlie singing and definite style make songs like "Baby Doll," "Hot City Boy" and "Treat Me Right" rock hard. Note that some of their early tunes were penned by Mr. Raffaelli of early Donnas fame.  
Reviewed by Alan Wright  Source

01 Secret Date
02 Gimmie, Gimmie
03 You're Too Young For Me
04 Hey Roxy
05 Firecracker
06 Baby Doll
07 Hot City Boy
08 Your'e Too Young For Me
09 Do You Wanna Touch
10 Gimme Gimme
11 I Wanna Go Home
12 Pay The Price
13 Treat Me Right
14 Girl Downtown
15 Liquid Love


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