SPAZZYS - Aloha! Go Bananas (2004)

Take the 1950s r'n'r, 1960's surf sound and the 1970's Ramones punk style, add three high energy girls from Australia, and you have the Spazzys. When I first got this cd, I could not stop playing it!It's the fresh new old school look and feel that I like about it.Every song is worth listening to on this cd. They are songs about thier lives and songs that bring the fun back to rock and roll. Every Rock-a-holic should get their Spazzy on.

01 Zombie Girl
02 Surfen Bird
03 The Sunshine Drive
04 Action City
05 Hey Hey Baby
06 Steal A Kiss
07 Paco Doesn't Love Me
08 Shake & Twist
09 My Boyfriend's Back
10 Cigarettes
11 You Left My Heart In The Garage
12 Zatopeks
13 My Car Doesn't Brake
14 I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone
15 Zatopeks (Live) [Bonus Track]
16 Shake & Twist (Live) [Bonus Track]

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