THE GEE STRINGS - Alternative Losers (1999)

Gee Strings are great glam/77 style punk with great female vocal. "Wanna Buy A Boyfriend" opens this record with great guitar riff & catchy chorus. "Paranoia" & "The Blue Attack" are great punk songs. "Sister Damned" & "Second To None" are more rockin'. "Second To None" is one of my favorites. Gee Strings have great solo guitar which fills & pumps & makes their songs sound so great. "Stereotyped" is definitely Gee Strings best song - it's also on their 7". "Stereotyped" starts like "Pretty Vacant" rip off, but when punk'n'roll guitar starts to drive, you can't sit anymore - you have to pogo. Ingi sings great and she is one of my favorite female singers. Anyway, pogo continues through "Burnt Myself". "Cherry Bomb" is great glam punk Runaways' cover - also one of my favorites - you know that great chorus "ch-ch-ch...cherry bomb"!!! A side is great, but B side is even better. All songs are real killers & Gee Strings are really great. This LP is recorded in Holland, so I hope they'll come to tour here too. (nobrainszine.com)

1. Wanna Buy a Boyfriend
2. Paranoia
3. The Blue Attack
4. Sister Damned
5. Second to None
6. Stereotyped
7. Burnt Myself
8. Cherry Bomb
9. Nasty Bites
10. Freak Out Brat

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