SHONEN KNIFE - Fun! Fun! Fun! (2007)

Fun! fun! fun! is the first CD with Etsuko as the second SHONEN KNIFE. The songs are split evenly between English and Japanese. There are some classic Naoko-style songs, ‘Barnacle’ and ‘Ramones Forever’ being my favorites. ‘Cookie Tabetai’ is the guitar cruncher for this outing. In some of the songs, though, Naoko is truly stretching her songwriting wings in more sure and graceful ways than she’s allowed herself before. There are a number of examples on fun! fun! fun! where she has achieved real beauty, both musically and emotionally, and it’s a wonderful step for her to be taking! (Rock of Japan)

01 Gravity Zero Gravity
02 Barnacle
03 Flu
04 Ramones Forever
05 Las Vegas
06 Birthday
07 Popcorn
08 I Wanna Eat Cookies
09 Southern Islands
10 Good Night

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