BETTY BLOWTORCH - Are You Man Enough? (2001)

Spewing the sort of unrepentant, biker-bar hard rock that's glory days ended with the breakup of Guns N' Roses, Betty Blowtorch are four leather-pants-wearing gals from L.A. singing about wanton sex, petty jealousy, and your usual rock & roll subject matter with conviction and just a tiny bit of irony. Singer Bianca Butthole's former band, Butt Trumpet, was a silly punk band and Betty Blowtorch have definitely come up from that scene too. But they sound more at home pulling off fiery metal leads and busting rock star moves than they would in a dank punk club. Raunchier than the Donnas and feistier than the all-girl nu metal band Kittie, the gals from Betty Blowtorch write some catchy tunes, some a bit pop-sounding like "No Integrity" and others more Nashville Pussy-like, such as "Hell on Wheels." They are equally adept at both pop and hard rock. On the song "Size Queen," Vanilla Ice makes an incredibly embarrassing appearance rapping about his giant wanger. The song is a sort of editorial from Betty Blowtorch letting guys know that size does indeed matter. Though all this material has been tread upon a million times before, Betty Blowtoch manage to keep it lively. Adam Bregman (All Music Guide)

01 Hell On Wheels
02 Love & Hate
03 Size Queen (feat. Vanilla Ice)
04 I Wanna Be Your Sucker
05 I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why
06 Shut Up And Fuck
07 No Integrity
08 Frankie
09 I Wish You'd Die
10 Big Hair, Broken Heart
11 Part Time Hooker
12 Rock My World
13 Dresses
14 Strung Out
15 Rock 'N' Roll 69

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