BOSS HOG - Drinkin' Lyin' & Lechin' Ep (1989)

Taking their name from a biker magazine rather than from the white-suited character in The Dukes of Hazzard, Boss Hog's debut sounds more like the missing link between Pussy Galore and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion than something new. (That said, the band wasn't originally envisioned as the full-time project it would become.) Spencer sings lead on most of the tracks and wife Cristina Martinez -- both from Pussy Galore -- mostly just growls along. Martinez would take on more of the vocals for subsequent releases as the band became more melodic in the manner of the Shangri-Las or Bikini Kill. The songs here certainly rock hard enough (Big Black's Steve Albini handled the production duties), but aren't particularly memorable otherwise. At the time of its release, the six-song EP attracted more attention for the cover art, featuring Martinez clad in black boots and gloves -- and nothing else -- than for the music (Martinez would also forget her clothes for the cover of 1989's Cold Hands). The personnel for this incarnation of Boss Hog included Charlie Ondras (from Unsane), Jerry Teel (from the Honeymoon Killers), and Kurt Wolf (also from Pussy Galore). Kathleen C. Fennessy (All Music Guide)

01 Trigger, Man
02 Pull Out
03 Spanish Fly
04 Dandelion
05 Sugar Bunny
06 Fix Me

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