THE TRASHWOMEN - Spend The Night With The Trashwomen (1996)

With a dime budget and the reverb cranked all the way up throughout the production of this album, Spend the Night With the Trashwomen is a straight-up raw release of sleazy rock & roll. The Trashwomen have an attitude that takes no flak from anyone; leopard print outfits, mean looking snarls, and so on. With their '60s garage revival sound that flies from three-chord punk to a handful of surf instrumentals that sound as if the band can barely keep it together, the Trashwomen perfectly capture the tough-girl essence seen in Russ Meyer's Faster Pussy Cat, Kill! Kill!. Fans of the Rip-Offs, Supercharger, and the Hissyfits would enjoy this. By Mike DaRonco (All Music Guide)

01 - Marguya
02 - Perversion
03 - Daddy Love
04 - Peter Gunn
05 - Date's On Me
06 - Nightmare At The Drag
07 - Sling Rave Curvette
08 - Space Needle
09 - Justine
10 - Quasimoto
11 - Cum On Baby
12 - I'm Trash

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