BANANA ERECTORS - Banana Erectors (1999)

Under the spell of the Ramones, early 60's female pop-singers and '77 punk resulted in Japan's Banana Erectors. With the combination of May's high pitched voice leading on snotty, three-chord pop-punk resulted in a lot of attention on both sides of the Pacific and a deal with Sympathy for The Record Industry. 1998 saw their debut single not too long after, followed by their self-titled full-length the next year. Mike DaRonco (All Music Guide)

01 Pretzel Eatin' Rocker
02 Teenage 3k Worker
03 Fed up With High School Days
04 Get Married to Your Job
05 I Woke up in Love This Morning
06 Danger Zone
07 (Jenny Is) Looking for Flavor
08 Pierrot le Fou
09 I'm Henry the VIII, I Am
10 Break My Heart
11 Fun at the Beach
12 I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
13 Disagreeable Sensation

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