THE EYELINERS - Here Comes Trouble (2000)

Although the tediousness of Ramones influenced punk sank in sometime around the release of the Queers Beat Off album, here come The Eyeliners to rekindle this worn out genre. On their debut of Here Comes Trouble, these three leopard print, leather jacket wearing broads are full of attitude and snottiness. Female-fronted three-chord punk that's complete with a presence that exudes that they take slack from no one. If Rizzo from Grease got cloned three times and they started their own band, it would definitely sound something like the Eyeliners. Mike DaRonco (All Music Guide)

01 Here Comes Trouble
02 Party 'Til The Break Of Dawn
03 Johnny Lockheart
04 See You Tonight
05 So What
06 Stuck On You
07 That's The Way It Goes
08 Rock & Roll Baby
09 Don't Go
10 I Don't Like You
11 Punk Rock Planet
12 Do The Zombie
13 If I Were You
14 Nothing Left To Say

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