THE BELLRAYS - In The Light Of The Sun (2002)

Originally released on cassette in 1993 and reissued on CD in 2002, In the Light of the Sun, the Bellrays' first recording, showcases the early Bellrays before they had acquired their knockout, ferocious, Stooges-style sound. Here, they are a soul act with plenty of funk, a little bit of rock, and one superb jazzy tune, "Blue, Blue, Blue." Though, the songs don't explode into red hot fireballs like their later stuff. Rather, these songs sizzle. If someone were to have picked up this cassette in 1993 having never heard of this band, they'd probably be blown away by this. Lisa Kekaula's vocals are astoundingly soulful and the only thing separating them from a lot of the divas you hear on the radio is that Kekaula's voice has more bite. But the music isn't yet up to the standards of the Bellrays' later work. The guitar work is fine, but never rips. Folks new to this band should check out their other records first and then work their way back to this release. Adam Bregman (All Music Guide)

01 Crazy Water
02 Wandering Spirits
03 Footprints on Water
04 Same Ground
05 Can I Make You Want Me?
06 Tell Me What the Sun Said
07 He's Gone Wrong
08 Blue, Blue, Blue
09 You'd Better Find a Way
10 In the Light of the Sun
11 The Ghost I'm After
12 Tell Me What You've Been Working On

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