FREE KITTEN - Unboxed (1994)

Free Kitten is a musical collaboration between Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Pussy Galore's Julie Cafritz. Originally performing under the name Kitten, they changed their name, after receiving threats of legal action by a heavy metal singer performing under that name.
This is a UK compilation of the indie rock supergroup's first two years of recording (1992-1994), includes singles & live tracks. (Wikipedia)

01 Skinny Butt
02 Platinumb
03 Smack 1
03 Smack
04 Falling Backward
05 Oneness
06 Dick
07 Yoshimi vs. Mascis
08 Oh Bondage Up Yours!
10 Party With Me Punker
11 John Stark's Blues
12 Guilty Pleasures
13 Sex Boy
14 Cleopatra
15 Loose Lips
16 Oh Baby

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